Industria Edition

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The Industria collection harnesses the power of steel to create imaginative furniture, lighting and decorative accessories.

The brand takes its creative cues from the timeless aesthetics of the Mid-Century Modern era, while also drawing inspiration from nature. Referencing the robust form of a molave tree as well as the whimsical shape of a beehive in their designs, the Industria collection merges organic structure with the raw quality of steel and translates it into a statement piece.

Steel is the material of choice – highlighting its unique qualities, exploring possibilities in line and form, and discovering new textures and finishes. With 24 years of expertise, steel is molded, hammered, fired and smoothened by the hands of the skilled craftsmen in the Philippines whose personal touch cannot be replicated by machines. Marrying modern design with traditional, handmade production, Industria blurs the lines of art and furniture – crafting collections that are sculptural yet practical, innovative yet instant classics.



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