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Africa Hanging Chair



This unique hanging chair designed by Italian designer Walter Satore, has been designed for indoor or outdoor use. With a aluminium frame and 100% polyester rope (the same kind that's used by the worlds best mountain climbers!). Curl up and read a book, this chairs comfort level is out of control.

These chairs are being used around the globe at luxury, high-end resorts.

Image shows current item in stock in pink & grey, but you can pre-order in the colours of your choice.

Each seat comes with a comfy outdoor cushion. (But best stored in-side for longer-term) 

This piece of outdoor rope furniture is made from 100% polyester high tenacity yarn.  For indoor use, this product will last a lifetime. For outdoors under a canapy this item will last without any significant fading of the rope for 5-7 years. For outdoor use in constant sunlight and/or rain, and/or in a marine environment, please expect some fading of rope colours, however the rope will not break.  For strong colours like black, red, orange, flourescent green or yellow expect fading within 2 years use. For lighter colours such as beige, cream, light pink, etc, 3-4 years use is expected before fading.


Width: 87cm

Depth: 90cm

Height: 130cm