Asylum Candle - Catalyst
Asylum Candle - Catalyst
Asylum Candle - Catalyst

Asylum Candles

Asylum Candle - Catalyst


Catalyst - Gunpowder and Black Salt.  

NZ Made Soy Candle

We all need a little spark at times to ignite our passions, or to fire us up for a big occasion. At times like these, a Catalyst is just the thing. Nothing starts your day off with a bang quite like a little sweet gunpowder smoke, beautifully balanced with a touch of salt. Light your candle, but be warned, you don’t know what it might start.

250g, burn time 40 hours

Fragrance Notes
Top notes: Leafy Green, Lotus Flower
Mid notes: Blue Chamomile, Aloe Flower and Seaweed         
Bottom notes: Black pepper and White Musk Infused with Cinnamon Leaf, Cedar Leaf, Rosemary, Orange and Cedar essential oils


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