Sohum Diffuser Neroli Flora


Sohum Diffuser Neroli Flora


SOHUM fragrance diffuser permeates your space with continuous full fragrance. Natural fibre reeds are long lasting, infused with fine fragrance to deliver a perfumered whisper throughout your environment.

Neroli Flora: Soft & ethereal, sweet citrus branches dusted with bursting blossoms warmed by the sun.

Fragrance Notes: Orange Bigarade, Vanilla, Neroli Blossom, White Lime, Bergamot, Camellia Leaf.
SOHUM Diffusers are made in Melbourne Australia using a proprietary blend of premium oils & plant based solutions. They contain no animal products, Parabens or Phthalates. They are created with optimum fragrance delivery in mind, to ensure the perfumes they deliver are preserved & uncompromised.

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