Autumn has well and truly landed! Time to store away our fans and air cons and crank up our heaters and heat pumps.

As autumn settles in, be inspired by the colours, smells, and textures that surround you. Imagine translating these seasonal qualities into your home interior. Warmth, comfort and rustic vibes. Woven textures and accents can bring depth and warmth to your space. Think wicker baskets, raffia pendants, tribal rugs and natural elements. For a more luxurious feel add gorgeous velvets or metallic accents in your furniture pieces.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and pick your favourite colours and throw them all in one room, especially if autumnal colours are those you tend to gravitate towards naturally. When inserting rich bold autumn colours such as clear navy, burnt orange, caramel, mustard, gold, burgundy, aubergine, khaki, forest green, teal, coffee brown to name a few, think of them as accents and don't go over board or you may end up with a very bright room!

If bold ‘stand out’ colours aren’t your thing at all and you prefer an understated unfussy style in your home, timeless neutrals can play back to back and still mesh perfectly together with soft yet inviting tones. Adding black or white to your rich autumn colours can often create a little too much of a harsh contrast, so the best shades to combine with richer textures are neutral ivories, greys, creams, tans and browns.

To keep it simple layer up comforting cushions, throws, knits and faux furs. Fresh organic natural materials such as stone, copper, brass, concrete or granite can work just as well as wood for a base setting in your room.

With our days becoming shorter and the sun hiding away it’s important to think about the lighting in your home to bring some brightness back. Stylish lamps, soft glow pendants and candles, lantern or even light timbers or a pop of bright colour in your soft furnishings can do that.

Mirrors also are a great option in open spaces reflecting light instead of absorbing it. Perfect for tricking the eye into thinking the room is brighter and larger, depending on where they are placed.

Plants and natural elements are a must in any room in every season. During Autumn change it up a bit by swapping plants for vases. Clear floor vases look great with long branches or pampas grass. Feather or shell ornaments are also highly effective.

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