Our Story

We’re shouting out to all whom who dare to be different. Republic Home is not for the ‘conventional’ or the 'traditionalists'. Our unique collection of furniture and homewares that are sourced worldwide bring a global style and sophistication to any home.

Think East meets West, old world combined with the new, and the art of combining designs, textures and colours to create 'soul' in your space.

Since the doors opened in 1999, Republic Home has grown into something of an institution, with strong environmental and ethical views at the forefront. We believe that the recycling of resources and re-use of materials is an awesome way to save our world! It’s also essential to the future of creating stunning furniture whilst adding a special gift of history to each product.

Our showrooms are never boring, our staff are creative! Be warned Republic Home shopping is addictive and once you begin you could be drawn in for a regular Republic ‘fix’. Many of our clients frequently pop in to be inspired and stay ahead of current trends.

We look forward to welcoming you soon too.

Our promises

At Republic Home, we promise two things in all that we deliver – individualism & inspiration. 

We guarantee to always be individual. Our customers come to Republic Home because they know we offer something different, something we have picked up off the beaten track. There are plenty of furniture retailers out there, but none with an eclectic collection of stylish and fashion-forward items to make your home glow. Make your space your own, pick up something unique. We only order a limited number of each product. This way you are ensured a high degree of exclusivity.

We guarantee to always be inspirational. Stepping into Republic Home should make you feel like stepping into a catalogue of ideas and aspirations. With our constantly-changing showroom and combination of unique furniture and homeware, we hope to inspire you to transform your favorite space with fresh and funky items. You have to live in your home or office everyday, so we want to make sure it’s the best it can be.