5 Minutes with Creative Director Mandy Duncan

5 Minutes with Creative Director Mandy Duncan

Profile - Introducing Mandy Duncan, Creative Director, Agency Owner and lover of the new Clifton Sofa.  We spoke with the multi talented creative about what inspires her, and what's next on her wish list from Republic Home.

Mandy, you're a busy Mum, agency founder, creative director and style obsessive. Tell us a bit about yourself, your career path and what led to you launching Oakland Agency.

First and foremost I'm a mama to our 3 beautiful kids, Noah, Bowie and Oakly, and wife to my husband Kelvyn who I've been with since I was 17. Shortly after we met we fell pregnant with our oldest Noah and the rest is history! I like to consider myself as an extraverted introvert, as I absolutely love being with my friends and out and about but am also really happy in my own company.

I always knew I was more than just a mum. I started posting on social media shortly after I had our daughter 10 years ago and managed to build a bit of a following. From there influencer marketing became a "thing".

Slowly but surely that became my full time job over the last 4-5 years. All in this time I was learning the ropes from the brand's perspective as well as the influencer's perspective. In the middle of Covid my husband and I took a leap of faith and he resigned from his full time job and we opened Oakland Agency, a social media marketing agency which specialises in Influencer marketing.

It was a natural progression for myself and almost 3 years later here we are. Working our asses off with some pretty incredible brands on our books and we couldn't be prouder!

What does a day in the life of Mandy and family look life?

I normally get up at around 6.30am with the kids and Kelvyn and I do school lunches and get Oakly ready for Kindy.

The older two get themselves ready and off to school.

Once the kids are all off at school and Kindy, I like to start my day with a big walk with the dog, then I come home and get stuck into work. My work day usually consists of a million emails, either on site or zoom meetings and then some content creation.

Our son Noah plays high level basketball so almost everyday after school and on the weekends you'll find us at a basketball court somewhere!

What do you do to relax and reset?

What is this "relax" you speak of...haha. My time to relax is usually taking some time out for myself away from the kids and work. I love browsing at the mall with my sister, getting my nails done. A cheeky massage or facial here or there... a good reset for me is going to the gym with my headphones on and zoning out in my own little world for a bit. 

Congrats, on your (relatively) new home!  What guides your colour choices when styling your home... there's a huge movement post pandemic, in the interiors world towards adding colour through soft furnishings. Are you a fan?  What new trends are catching your eye lately?
Well, as you probably can tell by my Insta I'm normally a very pared back, minimal girlie when it comes to interiors but I do have my eye on a few pieces that are a bit more "out there"... so maybe my taste is evolving with age?  
I'm very much a neutrals girl.  I lean towards light and bright but with some darker accents like dark woods, are my go to. I've been looking at art recently with some colour... royal blues and dark greens. I don't think you will ever catch me with a bright pink pillow in my home!
Whats on your wish list next for your home?
I am obsessed with the Palladio Brass Media Cabinet, The Orewa Love seat, and I dream of a big Slim Aarons piece. 
Fast 3: 
Favourite content creators - I love Martha Kalifatidis, Madison Rae, Pernille Teisbaek, Victoria Quitzau.

Best film or series you've watched lately - Emily in Paris has me in an absolute chokehold!  I also love a romcom and a good comedy like Bridesmaids, The Holiday, Sisters.

Favourite playlist - I make my own playlists for the gym and I really love 90's bangers to sing along to in the car!  Hit me up for my gym playlists anytime... 


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