Heirloom Naga

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Heirloom Naga, a design firm based in Nagaland, India and established in 1992, is a manufacturer and exporter of Native Naga textiles, jewellery and artefacts. 

Nagaland is one of the eight states located in the northeast of India and is inhabited by several tribes each with their distinct characteristics, customs, dialects and traditional dresses.

Naga textiles we are sourcing are all woven by loin loom. The loin loom - about as wide as a desktop keyboard - is attached to the body of the weaver with a back strap (hence the name). The weaver, mostly female, sits on the floor, legs stretched and feet propped against a block of stone or wood. The back strap creates resistance which enables the weaver to tighten and loosen the yarn as required. It's a slow and tedious way of weaving and one cannot weave long at one go. Weaving one line of motifs can take up to three days!



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