Fall in Style

Fall in Style

Have you revamped your house since the pandemic hit? Do you feel like you need a fresh look, but lack ideas?

Well, this is exciting! Today we will share our Autumn design trends 2021. The door is open, let’s explore our wide range of products and what’s new this Autumn season.

Colour Inspiration

Our Autumn Colour Trends 2021 Palette is a curated selection of hues to create a desired mood that can complement your style in any space. 

We chose an earthy colour palette this Autumn divided into 5 colour themes that all work well together.

Inspired by a sunset with certain warm natural colour shades such as camel, burnt orange, brown, champagne, and rose gold which create natural harmony. The colours create associations with a romantic ambience and invite you into a warm and inspiring interior.

Furnishing Trends

This Autumn we have a strong connection with nature, to feature greener and more sustainable materials which will guarantee exquisite beauty and style but without the harmful consequences for nature.

Accents comprising natural materials such as linen, cotton, terracotta, padi grass and palm leaves, rattan, and mango woods that are sourced sustainably. Perfect for laid-back living spaces and dreamy interiors.

With a renewed appreciation for natural beauty – complement your home with simple, textural and nurturing hues and admire your tranquil surroundings. Celebrate these simple pleasures with many of our upcoming new arrivals too.

You’ll notice there are a few common themes, such as luxury velvet, animal print, and leather. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and choose what really appeals to you. An eclectic mix of carefully curated pieces are always going to stand the test of time. 

A perfect combination is to introduce some luxury decadent glamour and make way for textures that are naturally authentic, like stained or natural timbers and other organic materials.

Wall paint 

Many paint companies are releasing their colour trends for 2021 and in this blog we will share with you the paint colour from Resene that typifies our Autumn 2021 theme.

We started with grey given the 2021 Pantone colour of the year - ultimate grey - but added a touch of browny pink to add a harmonious and romantic shade to give warmth and a feeling of calm in your home.

Discover beautiful colour scheme inspiration for your walls this autumn with Resene - Asteroid, a pale winter mist pink hued taupe which will absolutely work well this Autumn season. This neutral shade has a romantic feel to take your space to the next level.

Home Decor Ideas

Hand-made ceramics, planters, dried flowers and branches will finish the look.

Natural woods and elements paired with the soft light from candles burning in our newly arrived hurricanes really enhances the calm neutral vibe and brings the warmth to any room. 

Just watch them together and you will fall in love with the combo, no doubt! 

If you are into millennial pink and like to use it as a neutral, pops of rose gold shades will provide the edge you need to bring the interior from sweet to sophisticated.

Let’s explore closer what beautiful ideas and creative touches are hot and trendy in wall art for this season too! We’re so excited to introduce new arrivals and upcoming wall decor coming soon. Stay tuned!

Another tip is using your sense of smell. Don’t underestimate scent and aroma’s power when creating ambiance. Specific smells can purify and cleanse the home, bring back memories, and lead us to an inner-space for quality connection with our true self. So make scent an essential element of your interior spaces this Autumn season for you and your loved ones.


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