How to Take Care Of Fresh Flowers In A Vase (So They Last Longer!)

How to Take Care Of Fresh Flowers In A Vase (So They Last Longer!)

In summer we LOVE to decorate our homes (think every room possible) with decorative vases - from Jones & Co of course, full of fresh flowers.  

Summer flower foraging - there's nothing quite like it, so we asked our clever friends at Jones & Co for some advise on flower maintenance, and here it is: 

So now you have a bunch of blooms -  and you’re wondering what to do to take care of your flowers — and keep them alive for longer.   We’re here to educate you with some expert tips on how to keep flowers blooming for as long as you can.



It’s all about maintenance. Follow these steps and your flowers will thrive at home.

1. Reach for scissors
Always give the stems a fresh cut when you get the flowers home.

2. Hydrate your blooms
Put them in a vase of fresh water. About 10 to 15cm of water is enough for most flowers. There’s no need to fill the vase too high.

3. Start pruning
Remove all the leaves from below the water level.

4. Maintenance mode
Change water every two to three days. Remove spent flowers and leaves and do a fresh cut. You can add a few drops of bleach to the vase water to keep it clear of bacteria.

5. Choose your location wisely
Keep flowers in a cool dry area of the house away from drafts, sun, skylights and air conditioning vents.




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