Republic Core Collections

Republic Core Collections

Our 3 most popular core collections at Republic Home are sourced worldwide to bring a global style and sophistication to any home. Think East meets West, old world combined with the new, and the art of combining designs, textures and colours to create ‘soul’ in your space. Our aesthetic is neither defined by a single taste nor confined by a strict style, which is why these 3 core collections vary so greatly from one another.

 After all, how could we possibly save the world from boring if every home looked the same?!


The Modern Retro collection is inspired by mid century modernism and contemporary design. Crafted from quality materials, this collection combines classic detailing with durability to ensure the style of these pieces won’t age with time.  The Modern Retro collection is a perfect fit for those who fancy a Vintage-Scandy blend. Create a homely vibe with warm toned woods, soft velvets, rugs with character, & simplistic staples.


The Artisan Luxe Collection originates from Rajahstan, India, and is a collection of exclusive designs featuring steel, marble, mango or acacia wood, inlaid camel bone, various metal foils and glass. Artisan Luxe boasts a range of ‘wow factor’ pieces that are sure to be your guests topic of conversation for years to come. We feel each piece from this collection truly embodies our slogan 'Saving the world from boring'.



The Coastal Living collection is all about injecting a hint of carefree holiday atmosphere, inspired by home style that can be found by the sea. Think natural hues - calming blues & sage greens, crisp whites, warm sand beiges, rattan, and recycled woods. If your interior goal is to create refreshing, relaxed, ‘room to breathe’ vibe; this collection is for you. Kick back and relax on our extensive range of slipcover sofas and you will realise just how 'comfy' this range really is.


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