Tried & Tested Terracotta

Tried & Tested Terracotta

Terracotta is a natural material, which has been used in design for centuries. The word “terracotta” comes from Italian words “baked” and “earth.” Terracotta pottery is made via baking terracotta clay, hence its name. Terracotta these days is also used as a color name to describe a natural brown/orange color - a cozy  range of shades.

In recent months terracotta has had something of a ‘rebrand’, with its rustic charm it continues to bring warmth to many modern interior settings.

Terracotta shades, although often vibrant, are relatively easy to combine well with other earthy organic colors and materials such as wood, concrete, rich velvets, and leathers. Furthermore, it is also important to keep this old world decor style fresh and contemporary by combining it with elements such as botanicals and bold prints.

On the other hand, it also pairs well with neutral decor- crisp whites and muted blues/greys. Navy Blue paired with terracotta and hues of dusty pink suggest the atmosphere of Moroccan houses and art. The terracotta helps to warm a cold color like blue and you get an interesting graphic effect that plays with contrasts.

An orange, red or tan accent chair might seem like a risky piece but in a modern, neutral setting a lone vibrant chair will instantly become a showstopper and add an energised feel to the space. Creating a focal point in a room with accent chairs is a trend that you can be assured is here for a good time and a long time. A buttery tan or oxblood leather sofa can also completely transform the look of a room from cold to warm. Clay or brick toned leathers can still play the role of a neutral piece and are easily paired with other colours, patterns, or even another kind of sofa.

Drive away any sense of boredom with some art for your floor. Swap out your plain rug for one of our handwoven Balouch Sofreh Kilim rugs for an instant, firey pop of colour. There are 100s available in a range of sizes and patterns. Take a piece of history home with a traditional rug that is around 60-90 years old, from southwest and central Afghanistan. The colours are truly stunning!

If you’re after a fresh lick of paint, we can highly recommend  Resene for their huge range of colours such as Orange Roughy, Ayers rock, Chilean Fire or Alert tan to get your feature wall fix.

If you’re not after a dramatic statement piece, fresh paint, or a big change, opt for rich velvety cushions with complimentary throws in deep burgundy, rust red, or burnt orange for a more subtle injection of colour. Other homeware options are bright vases or wall art. Several of our pieces of artwork by the talented Jai Vasicek feature bright shades of orange, red, and pink that work with this trend perfectly if you are after an easy addition to a room.


Shop the trend in store or online today - chat to our creative staff if you would like help putting together this look for your space.

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