As our days are now shorter and colder it's time for feeling snug and cosy as winter settles in. It is a season where you finally have to accept that outdoor picnics and barbeques are over, where you have to put the paddling pool away and take the party back inside. Primetime to insulate against the chill by checking all those windows and doors for any leaks or breezes. 

The change of weather also gives you the opportunity to restyle your interior, and often by making some small changes you can give a fresh new mood and get more creative.

We, at Republic Home, have carefully hand-picked the perfect pieces to turn every interior into the ultimate comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space as winter is coming.

Cast an eye over the spaces in your home to see what you can rearrange and reconsider. One of the quickest ways to cosy up your home is to introduce layers.
Stuff your couch with additional throw pillows and make sure that your home exudes visual warmth as well.










 Pamper yourself with soft, comfortable textiles and luxurious textures. Snuggly blankets and rugs in front of the fire will make your sanctuary feel welcoming. Think faux fur, velvet cushions, metallic accents and precious metals that add a touch of glam.


A quick way to cosy up your home is to mix up textures and textiles that you feel are too contrasting. The smoothness of a wooden floor or a leather sofa can be broken up by adding cable knit throws, tasselled cushions, and artisan wooden accessories will set that mood. You may find you need to rearrange seating, add an accent chair or bench seat to encourage conversation around a warm fire, or add a rustic sideboard to create a vignette of vessels and trinkets destination.

As our days become darker, it is important to look at our lighting and use the lack of natural lighting to create atmosphere. Our Crown floor lamps provide medieval style with their rusty metal frames. 

Bring some glass appeal into your retreat with chandeliers, pendants or smaller items such as lanterns and candles. Look for bulbs with warmer tones for overhead lighting to give a warmer overall cast to a room.

 A touch of bold colour in an accent chair or cushions can help keep soft green, warm reds and orange with a hint of black, grey, white or cream as a neutral colour. We have a wide range of great options for occasional chairs.

Introducing layers is a great way to get started and that includes some art for your floor.  In an open plan living space, it is especially important to create framing for your separate areas. Traditionally woven by nomads or those settled in villages, towns and cities throughout Iran or Afghanistan these woven carpets or kilims are inspired by century-old tribal designs, with bold decorative patterns perfectly fitting into the maximalist macro trend of this period. Shop some of our wide range of tribal rugs here.


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