Winter Interior Trends 2021

Winter Interior Trends  2021

This winter sculptural furniture is one of the big must-haves. Carefully curated displays of shapely figures and organic forms take centre stage creating quiet drama in neutral spaces. As the striking furnishings and lighting in this living room show, sculptural can be beautiful and useful. Curved and shapely furniture and vessels draw the eye, inviting your gaze to dance across the space.

Earthy, grounded shades packed with rusts, warm greens, deep reds and earthy browns, it's comforting, welcoming. This winter provides the perfect excuse to get cosy, and a great way of doing this is by incorporating warm colours to a space. However, warm colours can feel welcoming in sunnier months too, and we will see a lot of burnt oranges and peacock blues & greens incorporated into people’s décor going forwards.

These are great colours that work well with darker colours like grey and navy, but also add depth to a space. These colours are also great for this time of year and add a playful element of colour that is very needed during the colder winter months. At the cooler end of the spectrum, navy blues and deep greens are going strong, particularly when used in chairs or sofas. We can expect to see greens of all shades on walls, in soft furnishings, and in interior accents.

Global influence is a trend seen across interiors and fashion, with warmer tones now often being favoured over cooler greys this is a key interior trend that can be easily translated into the home.

Inspired by earthy colour palettes and warm, natural textures, this trend pairs perfectly with wooden, woven and rattan home accessories. It’s bold safari feel is influenced by wildlife and African plains.

Embrace distant shores, as we long for tropical getaways, interiors inspired by distant shores offer calm and relaxing living space to make a home a safe and inviting place to recharge. Adding a contemporary edge to a classic floral design, the distant shores trend features tropical brights, subtle monotones. Tropical leaves and florals can be used to bring the outside indoors, with an introduction to greenery into homes. Easy-living digital prints are designed to work in any home with complementary colour palettes to emulate the varied landscape.

Adding soft and comfortable elements to your space, velvet cushions & faux fur throws, along with a mixture of textures – linen and wool on sofas and armchairs and warm wood tables – combine to make a comfortable place to relax.

This adds texture and warmth, whilst also making the space feel lived in, a feeling that we crave in the colder months.

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