Ahoy Trader

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Republic is proud to have introduced kiwis to the beautiful artworks from Byron Bay based artist, Jai Vasicek.  Jai spent his childhood sailing the world aboard his family's boat 'Malachi'. So the salty seas run in artist Jai Vasicek's veins and is true source to his creations. His designs feature vibrant colour with layers of print and patterns inspired by sea and forest, with pompoms, feather and shell embellishments, bold motifs, religious iconography. He uses splashes of neon and bright coloured paints finishing with resin coating to make them a truly unique style statement.

His work draws inspiration from numerous cultures and really brings together classic and modern art and design, with such stunning artworks, murals, paintings and textiles that evoke the beauty and passion of life and nature. Jai's colourful crosses and wall tiles have become highly sought after, with an eclectic and expressive character that allows them to be displayed in groups or used as stand alone decor pieces. His artwork dominates any space and the custom looks and colours he uses can suit any decor. So many of Australia's most stylish home interios designers and decorators are now commissioning him to create one of a kind artworks making for a high impact focal point in any room. Very much In high demand and on trend with styles constantly evolving, Jai Vasicek is for sure one of Australia's collectible designers.



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