Collection: Ashley & Co

Ashley & Co are committed to creating beautiful and functional products for the home. The challenge: discovering the new old. By utilising unique perspectives about art and design, Ashley & Co re-defines traditional household objects and ideas, giving them a contemporary twist. From the packaging to the ingredients, the products produced are both for ones enjoyment and importantly necessary to the completeness of ones home. 

When you walk in to a room, with an aroma to match the ambiance, it evokes subconscious feelings within. Ashley & Co aim to induce a feeling of warmth and familiarity with a choice from one of 6 six signature scents to fit ones mood and attitude. 

Republic proudly supports a product made here in New Zealand. By manufacturing locally, from screenprinting bottles, filling to packaging printing, embossing and foiling Ashley & Co aims to reduce it's footprint on the planet.  


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