Collection: Asylum Candles

Devoted to quality candles with unique fragrances

The idea of Asylum Candles first began with a love of candles and truly unique fragrances. For us, the unique element is what we value most. We're fans of those who march to the beat of their own drum. The people who don't look for trends to follow, but instead pave their own path and end up creating their own. That's our promise. Nothing stereotypical. Just a quality candle with a fragrance that's great and, just a little bit different.

Why the name Asylum?

We love that the name is not straight forward. We like that you can read it in both positive and negative terms. Why? Because that’s life. We all have the opportunity to see the good or bad in anything. We choose the good. And while fire can be destructive, what could be more satisfying than watching the flickering of a naked flame with a fabulous fragrance that takes you to places unknown? That’s an Asylum candle.

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